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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Clear the stadium to celebrate the victory!

Football Fever Every time.
Senegalese supporters are cleaning the gallery.

Football fans celebrated the victory of the favorite team by how frenetic. But the supporters of Japan and Senegal who did this now will rate it to anything that will accept it. They celebrate the country's victory in the World Cup, clean the dirt of the gallery!

The cleaners of the two stadiums in Saransk and Moscow must have been most pleased. The supporters of Japan and Senegal who did at least one day of their work.
Tomorrow this clean-up campaign started with 'Blue Samurai' supporters. Japan became the first Asian team to lose a South American team. That joy was seen to clear the dirt and garbage in the gallery after the match that saw Japan fans This habit is not new to them. They also cleaned the garland of the Brazilian World Cup. This unprecedented courtesy of Japan supporters at the Saransk Stadium has received great appreciation.
Senegal fans walk on the streets showing Japan fans in the second match of the day 16 years later Senegal has lost Poland to the World Cup So, after the match, it is very naturally that the fans will be happy to festive. It has been done as well as they have been seen to clean the dirt of the gallery.

About a minute on a Twitter video, on Twitter, the gathering of garbage from different places in the gallery is gathering in one place. Then the supporters of the other countries in the gallery encouraged Senegal fans with clapping. Their cleanliness campaign in the gallery has responded well to the press.
A Nigerian supporter tweeted on behalf of the supporters of Senegal, who tweeted his team, 'If you win the gallery clean then you should clean the entire field before the match.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Ronaldo won the first lap!

Football Fever Every time.
Ronaldo's practice in Portugal's temperament is so fuzzy. Photo: AFP

The group stage game starts only. Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead in the way ahead of all others. The question can arise, how? Look back at the time the World Cup progresses, get answers.
Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Mohammad Salah - The four stars in front of the World Their teams have already played their first match. That, after the first match, what is the significance of these four stars in Kharokhta?

Get started with Messi. His penulti Miss Argentina did not win. Salah could not play the first match of Egypt for injury. His team also lost. Neymar was lying on more than playing in the field! No, it does not literally mean it. Switzerland Defenders 'Swiss Knife' did not really qualify. His constant foul victimization is more eye-catching, but Neymar actually played well? The answer to 'no' will be much higher.
And Ronaldo? In Portugal's first match he has explained that he is enough to save the team alone! Ronaldo was not in the "epic" match against Spain! The topic of the hat-trick should come later, see the attacker for the country, attacked, made the ball, even after he was seen.

Ronaldo's hat-trick in that match has many 'frowns'. The first round penalty is the 'gift' of David De Gaye after the next? But even then these goals, it is not the way to deny. It's not easy to score goals from penalties, as Messi has understood himself, and has also taught football fans. And how much speed was in the roll shot until the ball was hit by DGEA's ball, it was a matter of research. This is the moment that has become one of the best goalscorers of the current world.
And the last round from the frick? Unusual in one way. Spain then went ahead 3-2. A few minutes left to play the last flute. With such pressure, the head cooled down and gave a message to Portugal's avoidance rate - maybe more of the manifolds from Ronaldo's sleeve in this World Cup!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Messi casts by a 'dentist'!

Football Fever Every time.

Iceland coach Halemy Hallgramson kept Messi in the cage in the same way. Photo: AFP
After the last flute market, he stood on his face for a while and stood in his place. Then pulled the body forward to the front. He was the symbol of Argentina's dream, he is also the symbol of the group drowning in the sea of ​​despair - Lionel Messi!
Argentina, by drawing 1-1 in the last match against Iceland, last night. Messi made penalty shot Whose party is the biggest trust, the dual team for him? Many may object to the word. But Argentina is drowning. Two-time world champions and twice runners-up can not win a team with a newbie in the World Cup - it is similar to the rate to the fans.
A dental surgeon kept a bottle bottle full of Messi. Iceland coach Haimir Hallgimson's career dentist He is not a full-time professional coach like Horse Sampauli. He is a football coach, who is a doctor in the hospital. But after tomorrow evening, the focus of the Holgrims is the entire football world. This is to keep the opponent's best player in a circle, pressing the forward team like Argentina to take away the points, its full credit must surely be his.With the exception of Ultra Defensive (Disadvantaged Defending) disciples of the disciples, he showed how to make the skin of Sampauli dull.
Hallgimson has read Messi very well. Iceland coach did not think exactly how others want to prevent Messi. Messi did not make any definite defender behind him. He kept Messi in zonal marking Messi's legs were blocked by one, one behind the coverings, one was also the balance - it was to prevent any good player from the opponent.In addition, behind the persistence of Messi chasing him, mental pressure was created by HallGimson. In this way, while trying to smile on the teeth of teeth smiling whole time, Iceland showed. If such a plan is implemented, then the coach will have to give credit.
When Messi's feet hit the ball, the whole earth shakes. But yesterday the shudder created Iceland A semi-professional football coach in the back of the shuddering At the end of the World Cup, who will become a busy dentist,

Friday, June 15, 2018

Ronaldo on fire 💣💣🔥🔥🔥

Football Fever Every time.

Ronaldo on fire:Photo: AFP
Attack-counter attack, goal, hat-trick ... all were seen in the second day of the World Cup, in the fourth match! The Portuguese-Spain match seemed to be the final. If there is no record in the match! So are they Ronaldo scored the record for the four World Cup titles. As the first Portuguese to score four World Cup goals, it is a unique record to score in eight international tournaments.
He crossed the record a little later. When Ronaldo made the 51st hat-trick of the World Cup Another information coincidentally, it is also Ronaldo's career (combined with club and national team) 51st hat-trick Ronaldo may be upset in a record among so many records, his supporters may be upset. Ronaldo is the oldest player in the World Cup. It was 33 years old.

Another record spins the support of Spain fans. There was also Ronaldo, a craftsman. Nobody could show it before Ronaldo. The World Cup history page is not inverted; No one has done this before. No one was able to make any hat-trick against Spain at the World Cup stage. He is the protagonist of Portuguese football, he is Ronaldo.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The possibility of playing Salah against Uruguay is 'almost 100 percent'

Football Fever Every time.

Salah in practice Photo: AFP
World Cup will play with Mohammad Salah? Before the World Cup, it was the whole Egyptian question. At first, it was known that Salah could play Egypt's last match, perhaps Salah could play. But Hecker Cooper The Egyptian interpreter, Salah is completely recovering. Cooper said today that he is likely to play almost 100 percent against Uruguay.
But one question remains, is Salah healthy? 28 years later, Salah took the final of Egypt's World Cup final. European club football's last season has spread the light of the World Cup Needless to say that Egypt would want to pull him out of the first match. That is, before the time Salah is fully recovering, is Cooper taking the risk of playing him?
The Egyptian coach admitted to the media, "We can not hide the risk of playing the game. Salah has been suffering from shoulder injury in the Champions League final against Real Madrid on May 26. Although Salah's body responded quickly to the efforts of the physician, since then, the 26-year-old forward of Liverpool did not go down.
Regarding the injury of the Egyptian forward, Cooper said, "Salah is responding very well. Quickly recovering. Today we will see him. Almost 100 percent can make sure that he will play. "Cooper said," We are trying to give confidence to him. Doctors have kept the way for him to decide whether to play or not. But I know Salah very well. I'm sure he is not afraid. '
Egypt will face Uruguay at 6 pm in Yekaterinburg today at 6 pm.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Messi is the most tired and exhausted?

Messi is the most tired and exhausted

One month's World Cup. Seven match only till the final. What is fatigue-refresh again? Is there World Cup players who are coming to the end of a 9-month long club season! Who is coming to the World Cup with the most fatigue of the stars? This list of ESPN says Lionel Messi!
ESPN has listed the list of the top 10 nominees for the year's Ballon d'Or. Gianluigi Bofana Italy is not in the World Cup after 58 years, so he is not being brought as yet. And Neymar's place in the 9th place is because of the injury. If you can not go to the field after February then it will be in the list!
Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a bit of injury at the start of the season. However, the Portuguese forward of the 33-year-old may not be too angry even if this is the first time in a list. Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is the decision to take his 737-minute less than the anticipated Messi, and the decision to take him!

Brazil is more likely But MESSI team's is favorite !

Football Fever Every time.

Five World Cup trophies are performing in their showcase. Brazil can be the largest party in color, diversity, influence or division, but Argentina is more popular on the continent of football frenzy by supporters or journalists from other South American countries. They have their own team in the Russia World Cup, but many of them have been found who want to get the hand on the golden trophy. That day, on June 9, five football-fans of Peru were found.
Wearing red jacket Peruvian flag in hand. They say that the three of their dances are more enthusiastic saying 'Peru, Peru'. When you're tired of going to the end, cheering in the name of Guerrero 36 years later they returned to the Peruvian World Cup, they came to celebrate in Russia. They did not come up with such a color like Brazilian colors. Not so much passionate Argentine presence as Argentines. But in a South American country football fan, they are also named after football.
They came from Peru's Lima. Middle age With two young What is the relation that goes to visit! All the year, the money has been deposited by some money back to the football team. By passing Dope's sentence, Paulo Guerrero has been involved in many legal battles, and his dream limit has increased. 'Peru will not do bad, we do not have gerrero!' When it is said that the two strongest teams of Europe in France, France and Denmark, will be able to move ahead in the second round of Dreamney? There is also the thought of the leader, Mercedes. And if the Peru does not get to the second round, the alternative teams also have hands. The team is Argentina Mercedes is behind Argentine Argentina, and Messi is their favorite football face.
Erica, a journalist from Ecuador. In the country's commercial capital, Kuenaka. He did not come to cover the World Cup. Four years ago, along with Emily, the girl came to spend a few days with her husband Emilio, working in Moscow. World Cup games will also be seen, spouses can be found for a few days. At the same time, see the chariot and karate!
Argentina has broken Argentina's fantastic hat-trick in Ecuador's 2018 World Cup-dream. Erica and Emilio, however, are fans of Argentina. Messi is a proud to them. Erica hopes the World Cup trophy will be seen in Messi's hands. Working in Newsroom in Moscow, Emilio understands football very well. He knows and believes the team is very well in Brazil. However, there is a lot of things in Argentina. These extra things or things are the X-Factor! That X-Factor must be Messi.

Emilio goes on to say, football-lawmakers may have been waiting for four years to give Messi a trophy. Four years ago, in Brazil, Argentina took the final test, did not give the trophy. Give it a try.
Emilio goes on to say, Brazil plays football with the brain, the heart is in Argentina football World Cup, Copa América, Copa América - Messi has returned to the final in the final of the three major tournaments. It is a liability to fulfill that void but nature has. So Argentina's wailing is going to stop? 'Maybe' - Emilio echoed wife Erica voices.
So what will happen to Messi, who killed the Ecuadorian World Cup dream? 'Yes, there is sadness, our country can not come to the World Cup now. But we simply accept defeat as a defeat to Messi (Messi), "said Emilio, said Emilio. Mercedes said that Argentina, Elica-Emilio, did not disagree with the popularity that toppled Brazil in South America.
However popularity is a factor in popularity. What will happen with popularity if not success is to join Brazil is waiting for the fifth World Cup, and Argentina has won their second World Cup 32 years ago. Holland for another World Cup win has been mixed in the waters of the Paraná and the La Plata River on the Vulgar shore.
However, for this reason, due to the absence of any more drowsiness in the river, the Argentine arrived in Russia to come to Bronnitz. The place has been located in the Moscow region, although it is about 55 kilometers south-east from the center. It was previously abandoned village, now it is a very busy food processing area. There is a little more winter than in Moscow. Brazilian team can make a fight with the winter as the Argentine team made the main habitation Bronniesi
In the first practice session yesterday, Argentina team was seen in the cold winter. Messi has practiced by dragging the black jacket throat up to the nose.
Argentine journalist Emilio Federico Jelich has fallen on the path to go there. Then came back to the Argentine media manager tweets. Messi could not stay long in the field for rain. After doing the gym. The 15-minute press conference also canceled Argentina's team.
Messi Tao came to Russia and practiced a session. Brazil has not yet stepped in Putin's country. Neymar's visit to Russia today was played in the friendly match with Austria in Vienna's Arneste Hapel stadium last night. Sochi of Brazil's southernmost tourism city on the banks of the Black Sea on the banks of the Black Sea.It can not be seen as a World Cup, how many people are drawn in practice. The practice is not open to everyone. Think of the popularity of popularity in the exercise of the popularity? There is nothing in Brazil or Argentina. They want to win the title. Take 36.8 centimeters tall and weighing 6.175 kg gold trophy. The psychological part of the struggle has started in the World Cup, and since yesterday it has started. A European team can win the World Cup in Europe. However, until the Brazilian-Argentine World Cup, the World Cup does not want to start.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Ronaldo is not on the list of Messi!

Football Fever Every time.

Lionel Messi did not say once for Cristiano Ronaldo! But he told Neymar. Asked about the rival Ronaldo in response to a question that should be watched by some viewers on the World Cup in the World Cup, Neymar has kept him in the list.

The British newspaper The Mirror told Argentine star, make a list of players who will take part in the World Cup separately. There he did not put any Argentinian player in his country. He made a list of eight. Belgian stars like Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruin.
He has given the list of the most anticipated Brazilian stars. One of them is his former Barca-team-mate Neymar, and in the middle of the new season, Kuitinho joined Barcelona from Liverpool. Messi has kept his longtime teammate Iniesta in his list of the first to leave Barcelona. Argentina's Argentine stars like France's Atuyan Grizman and Embaappo will also be lighting the World Cup.
He did not put any of the German champions in Germany on last year's list. Have not kept that explanation. According to him, 'the whole group is great. There is no star in this party. '

Clear the stadium to celebrate the victory!

Football Fever Every time. Senegalese supporters are cleaning the gallery. Football fans celebrated the victory of the favorite team ...